Face to face Counselling

The first appointment is a consultation appointment.  It’s an opportunity for us to talk through what your needs are, and how we can work together on those addressing those needs.

Each appointment will cost £60.00.

Online Counselling

For the first session, the cost is £55 per email response.

Many clients may prefer to book a series of sessions so the difficulties can be explored fully. Consequently, the following packages are on offer:

3 email replies £160.00

6 email replies £320.00

Skype/Live Chat

Usually this is an hour’s session, and would cost £60.

Sometimes Skype and live chat can be combined, which can be particularly useful for Young People.  It does not alter the cost though.


Supervision is 1.5 hours, and costs £85.  Concessions for Student Counsellors can be negotiated.


Payments can be made via bank transfer, or cash on the day.