As a qualified and experienced Clinical Supervisor I work individually and in groups with practitioners.  I am qualified to supervise work with young people, couples and individuals.  My experience has come through supervising a wide range of counsellors, from those that have been counselling a very long time, to those that are trained, but have a little less experience in terms of counselling hours.  I also have extensive experience of supervising students on placement.  In addition, I supervise people that are not counsellors but require supervision for their work, such as Child Protection Officers within schools.

Case Supervision Groups are every month, and I continue to facilitate large and small groups.  Groups bring a whole wealth of skills and expertise to share, and I thoroughly enjoy the lively creative conversations that take place in a group discussion.

In my private practice, I can accommodate a small group of up to four people.  However, if a larger venue is needed, I can usually find somewhere to meet with enough notice

My Supervisory style is collaborative, encouraging, reflexive and creative.  I love to help people be the very best practitioner they can be.  I believe the best way to achieve this is through a supportive and non- judgemental, enjoyable yet challenging supervisory relationship.